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How to pay by Cryptocurrency

Through PayBis, we can now finally offer our customers credit cards as a payment method. PayBis works like PayPal, being the middle man of the transaction, between you and ourselves.You will simply pick "Credit Card or Bitcoin", when choosing our payment methods. Then you will use PayBis to pay the bill.

You can sign up easily through

What do you need?

A Credit Card Our Bitcoin wallet address (which you'll have upon checking out)

How to navigate on PayBis website?

Go to 

Click "Credit Card" under the "You Spend" panel, on the left side. Make sure "You Receive" on the right side of the panel, has chosen Bitcoin (BTC). At the middle of the page, between those two panels (Buy Bitcoin with Cred Card); type in the amount you'll have to transfer (USD, EUR, GBP).

Click on "Start Transaction" and enter the following data into the form: Fill out the requested info, for PayBis to complete your transaction. If you're not already signed in, the website will ask you to register. PayBis will verify your transaction in 15-20 minutes, however some payments can take a couple of hours. Very easy, low commissions compared to wu and moneygram.